Hengam TD’s communication networks are used across all types of mission critical applications for HV/MV energy and distribution grids, water networks, railways, oil and gas pipelines and authorities. In mission-critical networks, nothing is more important than guaranteeing the highest availability of the connections as downtime can mean a risk to mission critical business operations and processes. Hengam TD’s solutions are tailored to meet the stringent access & transport networks requirements for mission critical systems in the areas of clock synchronization, scalability, protection, reliability, ultra-long lifecycles and backward compatibility.

Among the solutions of Hengam TD, there is a full hybrid access and transport platform that supports the co-existence of native TDM and packet-based data transmission in one single network element. Thus, it is capable to fully evolve towards packet-based transport networks (MPLS-TP). With this, Hengam TD’s customers have the flexibility to choose the best technology for their mission-critical applications. This lowers the operational costs and enhances the reliability and the availability of services.

All services in the applied telecommunication hardware utilized in projects by Hengam TD are administered by a central network management system (NMS).