Substation Automation, Protection and Control

An aging infrastructure combined with increasing competition is driving many power providers to focus on system productivity, with a view to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Hengam TD’s substation automation, protection and control systems enable this as they improve reliability, availability, security and productivity while lowering operational and maintenance costs.

Station Level

Station level solutions by Hengam TD provide a central database, HMI and gateway functionality for the substation. Our station level solutions integrate the bay level intelligent electronic devices (bay control units, measuring devices and protection devices) using the well proven IEC-61850 standard or in the case of conventional systems the equipment are hardwired or leverage other protocol standards.

Hengam TD’s station level solutions consist of:

  • HMI
  • RTU

Intelligent Electronic Devices

Hengam TD’s Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) for protection and control are an integral part of substation automation systems as they layout the foundation for advanced power system and equipment management.

Bay Control Units

Hengam TD’s bay control solutions manage AIS and GIS substations while ensuring maximum operator support and safety. We combine high-performance intelligent electronic devices with conventional hardware elements to tailor to the philosophy of our utility client needs in order to meet highest demands on availability and reliability.

Protection Devices

The protection solutions offered by Hengam TD are a smart way to safely realize reliable protection schemes for all applications in new and retrofit substations.

Hengam TD’s protection solutions include:

  • Busbar protection
  • Line differential protection
  • Line distance protection
  • Transformer protection
  • Generator protection
  • Breaker protection