Design & Engineering

SCADA Control Center Software


Hengam TD’s real-time network management systems enable effective operations, monitoring and control in the highly complex energy and asset intensive industries including but not limited to power generating plants, transmission lines, local distribution services, water pipelines, mining operations and transportation systems. This highly complex environment entails the development of Smart Grids and the integration of renewable and distributed energy sources, demand response, power electronics, and the increasingly interconnected national grids. Hengam TD’s solutions enable the management of this complex infrastructure with reliability, resiliency, safety, security, and operational efficiency.

Our solutions manage:

  • Supervisory control
  • Wide area network security monitoring
  • Power balance monitoring and control, including interfaces to electricity markets
  • Management of renewables and distributed energy resources
  • Preparation and scheduling for look-ahead operations, including assessment of grid security
  • Asset management and equipment maintenance prioritization
  • Simulation of events and alternative operating procedures
  • Reporting for regulatory compliance.